Still-StandingStill Standing

On the Word of God


We often hear how our adult lives are influenced by what happens in our childhood. Does this mean someone who experiences tragedy early is doomed to a less than successful life? If so, is there any way to change one’s perceived destiny?

Sheila P. Watkins’s novel, Still Standing: On the Word of God, is the story of Sharde, who began her young life with the death of her mother at her father’s hand. She was placed in her grandparents’ care and taken away from the home she and her brother knew. As a result she experienced abandonment issues and sought to make her life one of purpose. Even when her dad got out of prison, Sharde still had the same issues, plus having to become a second mom to her eight brothers and sisters. Sharde knew the challenge before her and was determined not to live a life of poverty. She wanted to become a teacher and make her life one of purpose, with the ability to help others as her teachers had done for her.

Still Standing: On the Word of God shows one can live a worthwhile life after a tragic beginning. But it isn’t always easy. One needs people who believe in him and her. And as Sharde discovers, it requires belief and faith in God and his Word. With him, all things are possible. No matter what your beginnings.

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